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Successful implementation of a comprehensive Salesforce CPQ solution.The Client, a leading distributor of wire and cables for the telecom, factory automation, and building industries, had grown significantly. However, their legacy systems remained siloed, hindering growth and visibility.


  • Disparate Systems: Each acquired company operated on its own ERP system (Oracle EBS, Rubicon, Epicor P21, S2K) with a total of 20 instances.

  • Data Inconsistency: Product information, pricing, and inventory levels differed across systems, creating data silos and inefficiencies.

  • Limited Visibility: Lack of a centralized platform hampered strategic sales growth and service visibility across the enterprise.


  • ERP Integration: We seamlessly integrated four disparate ERPs into a single Salesforce Corporate instance. This included real-time synchronization of critical data like item master, price books, costs, and inventory levels.

  • Salesforce Migration: A highly customized version of Salesforce was carefully migrated into the new Salesforce Corporate platform.

  • Salesforce CPQ Deployment: We deployed Salesforce CPQ, enabling the Client to configure, price, and quote products directly from Salesforce, regardless of the original ERP system.

  • Jitterbit Integration: Jitterbit, an integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS), facilitated smooth communication between Salesforce and the various ERPs.


  • Unified Platform: Consolidated systems into a single, centralized platform (Salesforce Corporate), eliminating data silos and streamlining operations.

  • Improved Data Accuracy: Real-time data synchronization ensured consistent product information, pricing, and inventory levels across all ERPs.

  • Enhanced Sales Efficiency: Streamlined quoting process led to faster turnaround times and improved sales team productivity.

  • Increased Visibility: Sales teams gained clear visibility into product availability and overall sales performance across the enterprise.

  • Revenue Growth Potential: The solution positioned the Client to achieve the projected 5-10% revenue increase through enhanced quoting accuracy and improved sales opportunities.

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