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Invest Wisely: Make Informed Technology Decisions



A leading international fitness franchise with over 1,100 studios in 22+ countries boasts a massive membership base exceeding 800,000 members in the U.S. alone. However, reliance on third-party vendors hindered their ability to deliver exceptional member experiences and achieve strategic goals.


  • Restricted Innovation: Dependence on external vendors limited their ability to develop custom IT solutions that perfectly aligned with their business strategy.

  • Member Service Impact: System outages from third-party vendors directly impacted member experience, jeopardizing customer loyalty.

  • Excessive Costs: Annual licensing fees to third-party vendors exceeded $1 million, a significant financial burden.


  • Organizational Planning: We collaborated with the client's CTO to map out the ideal in-house IT team structure, identify internal resource potential, and recruit talent to fill skill gaps.

  • Technical Expertise: Our advisor's in-depth knowledge facilitated rigorous technical interviews to ensure the right talent was on board.

  • Cloud-First Strategy: We designed a secure and scalable Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud infrastructure aligned with best practices.

  • Vendor Evaluation: We analyzed the viability of integrating existing vendor systems (franchise and member management) into the cloud strategy or developing custom in-house alternatives.

  • Product Development Prioritization: We prioritized new product development projects to support the client's long-term cloud-enabled IT roadmap.


  • Scalable 3PL Operations: Efficiently managed complex logistics for major MNOs.

  • Seamless Data Integration: Real-time data flow ensured smooth operations and informed decision-making.

  • Global Expansion: A repeatable model enabled successful international expansion.

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